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    We made a decision towards the end of January 2022, BlockX (BOX) provide some special great news for them.


    BlockX AI Token is self-governed by its stakeholders, meaning that stakers, token-holders, Service Node operators and others with a stake in the blockchain have the ability to make decisions together.


    BlockX AI Token - BOX is an open sourced, self-funded, and self-governed project with dedicated contributors around the world. Find out how you can get involved in the project.

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    BlockX AI Token is powered by a network of Service Nodes and Staking Nodes. Service Nodes are the computational power behind all the BOX Token capabilities while Staking Nodes protect the network via our Proof-of-Stake (POS) system.

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    We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve trading for the self-directed investor.


    Ruth Smith



    Chief Technology Officer


    Chief Financial Officer

    BlockX AI Token

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    We are a one-stop solution that combines the power of decentralized and centralized technology in a simple and secure Mobile & Web application.

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    We operate with a purpose-driven, principles-led approach to creating value for our clients and communities.